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Advocacy  ad vo ca cy, n., , active support for a cause or a position

Your Community Liaison:  The Community Liaison is your advocate.  The Community Liaison will interact with civic and governmental organizations on behalf of the board and our membership.  Additionally, through this Advocacy page your Community Liaison will catalog local, state and federal business assistance programs available to our members.  Finally, the Community Liaison will assist members with problem resolution, business questions, and assistance opportunity searches.


Representing Businesses and the Community

The Chamber works every day to represent the interests of the local business community through its ongoing work with our elected officials. The Chamber stays current on the issues most impacting our community and our economy and works with government officials to enact solutions.



Greene County Microenterpirse Assistance Program (MAP)

If you are looking for start up funding or funding to grow your business and you qualify as a microenterprise, you should take a look at Greene County’s Microenterprise Assistance Program (MAP).  A stat up microenterprise is one that is owned by low or moderate income person(s) and/or a business that will create jobs, a mojority of which will go to low or moderate income individuals.  An existing microenterprise business must have five or fewer employees, one of whom is the owner, and must be creating one or more jobs, a majority of which will go to low or moderate income persons.

The MAP program offers up to $25,000 in low interest loans to qualifying microenterprise businesses.

To learn more about the MAP, or this special incentive, visit or call Greene County Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Planning at (518) 719-3290.


EDUCATION – Preparing students for their future.

Business Employment Standards Transition (B.E.S.T.)

The Columbia-Greene B.E.S.T. program helps students develop the skills, behaviors and knowledge necessary for success in the workplace and/or college. Based on standards set by area businesses, B.E.S.T. assesses students’ competence through their academic performance and attendance, and community and career exploration activities. Each student creates a portfolio that demonstrates the application of his or her skills. Businesses participate by providing guest speakers, hosting tours, mentoring and providing internships.